Sol Cacao - 70% San Pablo de Borbur, Colombia - Chocotastery
Sol Cacao - 70% San Pablo de Borbur, Colombia - Chocotastery
Sol Cacao

Sol Cacao - 70% San Pablo de Borbur, Colombia

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This 70% dark chocolate bar crafted by Sol Cacao was made with cacao from San Pablo de Borbur, Colombia.

Sol Cacao is an artisan “bean to bar” chocolate manufacturer that crafts single origin chocolate bars in the South Bronx(Port Morris). Founded by three brothers, Dominic, Nicholas and Daniel, the Company strives to create the finest quality of chocolate by having a thorough understanding and expertise associated with every step in the chocolate manufacturing process from growing the cacao pods to the actual crafting of the chocolate bars.

Growing up in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the Maloney brothers were always surrounded by cacao trees and enjoyed eating chocolate made from the trees that they had grown and picked themselves. Cacao and chocolate are staples of the Caribbean culture and an inherent part of the Maloney family livelihood. Upon arriving to the United States, the brothers realized that the same quality of chocolate that they were able to enjoy back home was highly scarce in America and decided to bring to the market a type of chocolate that elevates the taste, coupled with a level of unparalleled refinement and quality to the selections available.

Flavor Profile

Flavors you may taste: earthy, nutty, savory

Essential Product Information

Net Weight: 52.7g / 1.86oz

Ingredients: cacao beans, raw cane sugar

Sol Cacao is based in the Bronx, New York.

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