Potomac Chocolate - 49% Toasted Milk
Potomac Chocolate - 49% Toasted Milk
Potomac Chocolate

Potomac Chocolate - 49% Toasted Milk

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This 49% toasted milk chocolate bar from Potomac has been a labor of love. Ben the chocolate maker, handcrafted it with the same care and dedication to quality that he does with his other award winning dark chocolate bars. He originally made this bar with cocoa beans from San Martín, Peru and now uses a blend of Peru and Dominican Republic cacao. To that, he added organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, and organic whole milk powder that he's toasted to bring out rich notes of caramel.

It’s intensely creamy and Ben absolutely loves it. He's been surprised at how addictive it is. He's sure that once you try it, you’ll be just as hooked.

Flavor Profile

Flavors you may taste: chocolate, cocoa, red fruit, fig, banana, cherry, caramel

Essential Product Information

Net Weight: 60g / 2.12oz

Ingredients: Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar, organic whole milk, organic cocoa butter

Potomac Chocolate is based in Occoquan, Virginia.

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