Chocotastery - Gift Code to be used for booking a Virtual Chocolate Tasting on Eventbrite

Gift Code for Virtual Chocolate Tastings on Eventbrite

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If you would like to purchase a Virtual Chocolate Tasting as a gift and you are not sure of the date and would rather have the person you are gifting it to choose the date themselves, then you can purchase this item and we will email you a custom, one-time use discount code for Eventbrite where that person can use to one virtual admission to any of our upcoming Virtual Chocolate Tastings.

If you are in need to gift a tasting to multiple people, you can order multiple quantities and for ever item purchased, we will send over a discount code.

For more information about our Virtual Chocolate Tastings please watch this video:

You can further inquire about our Virtual Chocolate Tastings and you can also learn more about us leading a Private or Corporate Virtual Chocolate Tasting for you and your team. 

All of our Virtual Chocolate Tastings are hosted on Eventbrite so feel free to check out the available tasting experiences.

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