Chocotastery Testimonials

Our Virtual Chocolate Tastings have taken the chocolate industry by storm. Our attendees and new friends in chocolate have spoken so highly of our chocolate education and tasting experiences and we wanted to share all of them with you:


"Glenn was so knowledgeable and a great guide through the chocolate making process and tasting techniques."

~ Richard D., Old Bethpage, NY


"Chocotastery is a unique and tasty learning experience. I have a new outlook on chocolate buying now."  

~ Christine M., Long Island, NY


"Glenn's goal of creating a mindful experience truly shines through in the structure and design of his tasting. He is passionate, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable about all things chocolate."


~ Lauren R., Hackensack, NJ


"Fun, informative and what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon with other enthusiasts eating chocolate!"


~ Sharon K., New York, NY


"Mindfulness in presentation of history, and the process and then .... the much anticipated tastings! Loved comparing and contrasting the difference between four unique bars: the visual, the aromas, the auditory and gustatory!"


~ Shirley L., Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"Replace, or rather combine, your wine flights with your chocolate flights and you will be happy you did so. Glenn's Chocotastery provides the perfect opportunity for chocolate lovers to become chocolate experts. This chocolate tasting experience makes for a fun date activity, social hour with the girls, or even a fun mother-daughter day. Glenn is very knowledgable of the topic and his admiration for its craft is infectious. The chocolate bars are not a snack, but have become a collectors item. It has become a hobby to analyze the packaging, place of origin, and chocolate content of the chocolate bars. As if chocolate couldn't be loved any more, after Glenn's Chocotastery, I now have a new appreciation for craft chocolate."


~ Eileen R., Kendall Park, NJ

"Glenn, thank you for providing this opportunity to participate in the tasting on 3/20 related to four chocolate makers working in the Dominican Republic using Dominican cacao. You know I have a long interest in the DR and in the last decade, the cacao grown there and the chocolate made with it. There is a small craft chocolate movement beginning in the country and you were able to highlight it today. I know there is more to come but today was an excellent representation of four chocolate makers that are making world class chocolate and keeping more value in country for the cacao produced there. We should be able to find these bars on the shelf next to other fine or craft chocolate on the market today. I have been following these people on social media for some time and having the chance to meet virtually and interact was a great experience for me and you really made my day. Thanks Glenn."


~ Thomas F., Chorena Chocolate, Ridgefield, NJ
"We loved our chocolate tasting with Glenn. He really knew everything about how to make chocolate and the whole process from tree to bar. Then we got to taste some really good chocolates."


~ Seth G. & Rachel H., Livingston, NJ
"The Chocotastery's Virtual Chocolate Tasting was a great experience for my husband and I to enjoy together. While we both enjoy dark chocolate, it was so intriguing to learn the process from bean to bar. Glenn was an excellent host and provided lots of interesting details for us. The best part though, was being able to try unique bars and being able to identified underlying flavors with the group! We would highly recommend this tasting to family and friends."


~ Jessica H., Coralville, IA
"Our team's virtual chocolate tasting with Chocotastery was phenomenal! To quote my manager, 'best team event ever.' Glenn was so great to work with - he took care of everything and made my life so easy (from setting up the zoom to keeping me up to date on shipping statuses, etc.). He was also able to accommodate our multi-national team with shipping and many different time zones. The tasting itself was such a fun experience. We learned a lot about chocolate and had some laughs about which chocolate we preferred. It was a great way to do something different with the team over the virtual format. I HIGHLY recommend the virtual chocolate tasting with Glenn. I know that my company will be coming back for more team events in the future. Thanks Glenn for all your help and for such a fun and informative experience!"


~ Kelly A., Chicago, IL
"The two hours we spent with Glenn learning the process of chocolate making from the tree to bar was absolutely fascinating. Being able to taste extraordinary examples of the effort come to life was the proverbial frosting on the cake. I would do it again as I'm sure I'm missed something."


~ Rene H., Troy, NY
"I absolutely loved the tasting! I learned so much about craft chocolate, and it was an amazing experience to learn how to properly experience these products. I highly recommend this!"


~ Kim F., Madisonville, KY
"You won't regret joining Glenn for a tasting - educational & fun. Try it !!"


~ Brian B., Irving, TX
"Very in depth and informative class. I have a deeper appreciation for chocolate now."


~ Michele S., Fort Worth, TX
"I wanted to reach out and say hello and thank you again for running such a fun and informative tasting the other day. Between the two of you, you seem to know just about everything there is to know about chocolate! ... And I especially appreciate the warmth with which both of you ran things, and the encouragement and acceptance of all tasting notes folks found in the bars. Looking forward to the next one."


~ Suzanne F., Northampton, MA
"Did not come here with any expectations, but definitely left with new knowledge and appreciation for chocolate and the work that goes behind it. Would definitely recommend to others and friends."


~ Nicole M., Jersey City, NJ
"I enjoy how nice and passionate Glenn is and how is sharing something he is self educated about with us lay people :)"


~ Johanna C., Jersey City, NJ
"I loved it! I found it to be super informative and I loved that we all got to take away our own little chocolate bar. It was a great experience for me :)"


~ Caroline D., Jersey City, NJ
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