Lumineux Chocolate - 80% Suhum, Ghana
Lumineux Chocolate - 80% Suhum, Ghana
Lumineux Chocolate

Lumineux Chocolate - 80% Suhum, Ghana

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Lumineux Chocolate created this 80% dark chocolate bar with cacao from ABOCFA Cooperative in Suhum, Ghana. This flavor experiences creates a deep sense of comfort, a perfect note on which to end any day.

Lumineux Chocolate produces small-batch, European-style chocolate of the highest quality using the best ingredients and time-honored techniques. Lumineux was started to showcase cocoa beans that are not widely used in the United States, beans from the African continent. While most African cocoa beans are not known for their quality, they carefully searched and sourced the best and most flavorful cocoa from all over Africa and Asia. Their desire is to illuminate the depth and complexity of flavors in these under-appreciated beans. Chocolate, for them, is not merely about indulging; it is about bringing light to the unique differences in the terroir of different African and Asian countries.

Ben and Becca Snyder have spent a combined 20 years in the restaurant industry–Ben as a pastry chef and baker and Becca as a cake decorator and baker. Chocolate became an instant love and an opportunity to use their collective skills to create unique flavor combinations done in unusual ways. They want to open palates to new flavor profiles using ingredients associated with the regions their cocoa beans are sourced from.

Flavor Profile

Flavors you may taste: brownie batter, molasses, vanilla

Essential Product Information

Net Weight: 50g / 1.8oz

Ingredients: cocoa nibs, cocoa butter, cane sugar

Lumineux Chocolate is based in Greenville, South Carolina.

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