Amano Artisan Chocolate - 55% Raspberry Rose - Chocotastery
Amano Artisan Chocolate - 55% Raspberry Rose - Chocotastery
Amano Artisan Chocolate

Amano Artisan Chocolate - 55% Raspberry Rose

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This 55% Raspberry Rose inclusion bar was crafted by Amano Chocolate using cacao from Ecuador.

Amano chocolate got its start finding some of the most amazing beans around the world and bringing out their natural flavors. As with their single origin bars their focus is to be as true to the ingredients as possible. Here you will encounter not just the famous flavors of their dark chocolate made with Ecuadorian beans. You'll also find raspberries and rose petals ground and smoothly mixed with their chocolate. Small bits of sugar crystals give a satisfying crunch in your mouth. 

Art Pollard, Chocolate Maker's notes on this bar: 

"While visiting Paris, I stopped by Pierre Hermé's amazing pastry shop on Rue Bonaparte. I purchased over $70 in pastries to take back to my hotel room. The first of these I tasted was his raspberry rose cheesecake. I swore. No simple exclamation could do justice. Since then I have strived to create the same type of experience for each and every person who tastes our handcrafted chocolate bars. Our Raspberry Rose chocolate bar is my homage to that memorable experience which has helped shape our ideals here at Amano."

Flavor Profile 

Flavors you may taste: raspberry, floral, roses

Essential Product Information

Net Weight: 85g / 3oz

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cocoa butter, pure cane sugar, freeze dried raspberry, whole vanilla bean, rose petals, rose oil

Amano Artisan Chocolate is based in Orem, Utah.

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